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Wedding Invitation Addressing Guide

Correctly addressing wedding invitations to anyone other than Mr. and Mrs. Smith can be quite confusing. Married couples with different last names, divorced women and their fiancees, married doctors and every other combination of people your guest list contains can send you into a fit. Additionally, you must address an outer envelope as well as an inner envelope, for each invitation.

Luckily though, there is a simple strategy for this seemingly complex task: Divide and Conquer. The key to addressing wedding invitations is to break each contact's information into manageable tasks, become familiar with how to handle each task, and then combine all the work you have done to complete the overridding goal.

The most effecient way to accomplish this is in these three steps:

1.   Assign Titles

2.   Determine Guest Type

    3.   Apply Title and Type

First you determine the correct title (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.) for each individual on your guest list. Next, you must select the proper type of guest(s) each invitation will hold (single guest, married couple, etc.). Then combine both the title and type information to complete both the inner and outer envelopes for the invitation.

While this guide breaks down and explains all the specifics of addressing wedding invitations, the BridalTrack Addressing Calculator will take your guest information and generate invitation envelopes for you. To use it, simply click on the link above, fill in the contact information of a guest, click a button and you will be shown properly addressed inner and outer envelopes for that guest.

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